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Successful daddy Argos

Daddy Argos and his offspring had a very successful weekend:

2012 RRCBC Sweep – Argos AOM, Dante BISS (Argos x Sweet P) Lola BOSS (Argos x Utopia) Lexi WB (Argos x Brook)


Boa 3 months old

It’s so fun to follow the pictures and all the e.mails of Adoreas Ridged Boa and her family in Copenhagen.

Famous Boa

Adoreas Ridged Boa is a famous dog in Denmark this month! She is in “Hunden”, Danish Kennel Club’s magasin.
See the article HERE!


Billie 3 months old

A couple of weekends ago Mea and I visited Billie in Porsgrunn. She is the sweetes little girl, and mom Mea was thrilled to see her again.

While I vent to a dogshow with the Tollers Mea spent the weekend at Billies:

Barclay in his new home

Some pictures from Barclay’s first days in his new home! Is’nt he just adorable?

Boa in her new home

Boa has now traveled to Copenhagen, and she is the coolest little girl! Adapting so fast!

Love this picture of Boa and mom Rio.

The first meeting with big sister Zuka (Zindika My African Zuka)

And so close after such short time! I think they will be the best friends!

Boa and her new family

Adoreas Ridged Boa early this morning left us for the long journey home with her new family. She will be living in Copenhagen, Denmark with Rio, Elvira, Abelone and the Ridgeback sister Zuka (from kennel Zindika). Rio has lots of plans with this sweet girl, and will give her an active life. Good luck with this special girl, Rio and co!

Elvira, Boa and Rio. Abelone was home in Copehagen wiht Zuka.

Elvira, Caprice and Boa after the others left.

Auntie Troja comforting Boa the last night after her siblings left

Billie and her new family

Adoreas Ridged Billie has now left us for her new home. She will be living on breeders terms with Camilla and Knut. Good luck with this special girl! I hope she will bring lots of joy to your life, and hopefully she will contribute in Adoreas breeding programme in the future.

I could not choose between these happy pictures, so I had to share all three with you!

The last night with the gang

We had a wonderful afternoon and evening yesterday with all three puppy families. We all, and especially mom Mea, were so happy to see Barclay again (he left for his new familiy earlier this week). And he had run from the parking lot and up to my house wagging his little tail happily because he knew were he was! Good boy!
I think it’s nice for the new families to get to know each other.
Thank you all, and good luck with your gorgeous puppies!

Boa and Barclay

Boa, Barclay and Billie

Elvira (Boa) and the pups

Boa, Barclay and Billie

From left: Caprice (Toller), André (Barclay), Rio (Boa), Troja&Mea, Camilla (Billie), Knut (Billie)

From left: Erik (Adorea) and Lene (Barclay) + same as the first picture

Right: Maja and Ronald (Toller Adoreas Red Fendi) also want to say goodbye to the pups

The last days

Tonight and tomorrow morning both Billie and Boa leave us for their new families. It will be so sad, but I know they get the best, loving homes!
I look forward to see the happy faces to their new familiy members tonight!


Toller Caprice still play with them every day

Billie and Caprice

The best sisters!

Don’t disturb us!!!