The last night with the gang

We had a wonderful afternoon and evening yesterday with all three puppy families. We all, and especially mom Mea, were so happy to see Barclay again (he left for his new familiy earlier this week). And he had run from the parking lot and up to my house wagging his little tail happily because he knew were he was! Good boy!
I think it’s nice for the new families to get to know each other.
Thank you all, and good luck with your gorgeous puppies!

Boa and Barclay

Boa, Barclay and Billie

Elvira (Boa) and the pups

Boa, Barclay and Billie

From left: Caprice (Toller), André (Barclay), Rio (Boa), Troja&Mea, Camilla (Billie), Knut (Billie)

From left: Erik (Adorea) and Lene (Barclay) + same as the first picture

Right: Maja and Ronald (Toller Adoreas Red Fendi) also want to say goodbye to the pups


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