Daily Archives: January 26, 2012

The last days

Tonight and tomorrow morning both Billie and Boa leave us for their new families. It will be so sad, but I know they get the best, loving homes!
I look forward to see the happy faces to their new familiy members tonight!


Toller Caprice still play with them every day

Billie and Caprice

The best sisters!

Don’t disturb us!!!




Auntie Troja and the pups

Troja thinks pups in general are nasty, but the last days she spend more and more time with Billie and Boa. Funny, strange Troja! 🙂

Love this picture!

Billie use auntie as a pillow. I never thought I would see this!

And Troja looks satisfied!!! Haha!

Mea also join them

All our sweet Ridgies!