Daily Archives: January 22, 2012

Sleeping beauty

Adoreas Ridged Billie



Our big charmer

Adoreas Ridged Barclay:



Out and about

The pups have been on several walks in the garden and in the neighborhood. Here are some pics:

My friend Beate and Barclay


But we can go here anyway!

Three Ridgeback butts


Can’t I go this way, Grandma?

Oki, I’m coming!

Boa on the run

An early morning

An early morning in the puppy garden. The pups have got a puppy gym. To hang in, to drag and to hear noises from. Good for the socialisation and coordination.

The pups also get to hear a CD every night with sounds of thunder, shoots and fireworks. They fall a sleep anyway. My brave, good puppies!