Daily Archives: January 18, 2012

Toys for Boa

Boa’s big sister Zuka has sent some of her some toys to Boa. And Boa who is the most toy oriented of the pups was so happy. She retrieved the toy at once. I was to late to get a picture of that, but here is a couple right after.

Billie: What did you get, sis?

Boa: “It’s mine!”

Big sis Zuka has started to prepare herself for the new family member. Here she has found her puppy collar. Pretty Zuka!


Billie – Adoreas Ridged Billie

This little girl will be living on breeders terms with Camilla and Knut! She is such a sweetie pie!

At the countryside

Saturday we took the pups out on an excursion to the country. My mother in law have both horses and chickens so we drove there to let the pups meet them, and to walk in the snow.
They have their new wollen sweaters on. Miss Red had a turqoise one that Arwen had when she was a pup, because her red sweater wasn’t finished then. But now it is. Pics of that later.


The pups in the car. They have had several car trips now. Mom Mea in the other cage.

Brrr, cold and new!



Big sister Arwen

One week ago Arwen (Adoreas Ridged Arwen) visited the pups for the 2nd time. Tonight she will visit us again. It’s a good experience for the pups to meet other dogs, and it’s  useful for Arwen because she is hopefully having her first litter this winter/spring.

Mom Mea taking a nap while daughter Arwen plays with her little sisters and brother

Big sis Arwen and little sis Billie

Arwen want’s a time out from the pups

And what’s better then spending time with mom Mea in the sofa. Best friend!!!

The pups eats Merete’s hair

Hmm, yes it’s sweet, but…

Merete brought a neighbour girl to see the pups

Mea having a very nice time


Quality time

Caprice loves to spend time with her small sisters and brother. Here are some pics from last week: