Daily Archives: January 17, 2012

Busy Sunday

We have lots of visitors. And on Sunday both families to Barclay and Billie were here so they could meet. I think it’s nice that they meet their new “family” đŸ™‚ Lene and AndrĂ© also brought their 2 nieces, Mari and Thea. Photographs are Lene and AndrĂ©!

Mari had to cuddle mom Mea aswell

Mari with Barclay and Billie. Camilla, Troja and me in the background

Thea and her new “cousin” Barclay

Lene and Barclay

André and Barclay

Me, Barclay and auntie Troja


6 weeks stacks

Mr Black aka Adoreas Ridged Barclay


Miss Red aka Adoreas Ridged Billie


Miss Purple aka Adoreas Ridged Boa: