Daily Archives: January 7, 2012


Now all three names are decided! Beautiful names that fits our beauties!

Adoreas Ridged Barclay

Adoreas Ridged Billie

Adoreas Ridged Boa

The puppies everyday life

Our beauties are growing and here you can see some pics from today! Our days are filled with playing, eating, sleeping, cuddling with us and visitors, exploring new things, environments and sounds, and more sleeping! A peaceful life!

Miss Purple

Mr Black

Miss Purple

Mr Black and mom

Miss Purple

Miss Purple sleeping in the soft crate

The milkbar is open almost 24/7

Funny sleeping face

Silje (and Audun) visiting us. They have the Ridgie Sanchos at home.

Miss Red

Miss Purple

Camilla and Knut is visiting. They will be the mom and dad to Billie!

Cuddling in the sofa

Miss Red and mom

Troja thinks the pups are creepy so she keeps a safe distance! 🙂