Daily Archives: December 16, 2011

The pups celebrate my birthday

Yesterday I had birthday, and Mea and the pups lay on a blanket with us in the livingroom when we ate cake. First time outside the puppy room for the pups. Mea is a mom that not want to leave the puppy room the first weeks, so I really think she enjoyed beeing social again with us in the living room. She is the most confident mom.

Earlier that day she was outside meeting her two daughters, Arwen and Almea 2,5 years old, and she just loved to see them and play a bit with them. I had expected that she perhaps would be a bit protective since she had almost newborn pups inside the house, but she showed just happiness as always! I just love that dog!

The pups have now cut their claws for the 2nd time, and they have got their first deworm. They have also started to walk a little bit. Very clomsy yet, but they improve!

Erik gave me an external flash for a birthday present, and I had to test it. Not the best results yet, but here are some of Mea and our wonders: