The big day!!!

13:00 Mea has gotten som sleep, and so had I. She is calm. Just have to wait and see.

10:15 A girl! She seems correct. We have 4 puppies in the puppy pen. Time will show if that’s it.

07:30 Mea just had some more contraction! This takes time! 3 pups in almost 8 hours.

07:15 The three newborn pups in the milk bar:

06:40 A boy. And he has a correct ridge. Big and strong as his siblings!

05:30 Mea has started to have some more contractions and we are waiting… 🙂

05:05 Everything is quiet in the puppy pen. Mea is the best mum, washing and taking care of the two pups all the time. Half an hour ago I weight the pups, and they were around 600 gr. So more than 500 gr when they were born. Big, cute monsters.

04:25 A brand new picture of the two newborns. Girl to the left and boy to the right:


03:55 A big girl! Her ridge is correct.

02:40 Almost 3 hours after the water broke (and me so nervous) a big, strong boy was born! Welcome!!! 🙂 He has a multi crown ridge, and he is absolutely gorgeous!

00:30 No news!

24:00 The water just broke! I will update here during the birth, if everything goes well!


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