Status end of day 1

Thank you for all the congratulations for our newborn puppies. 4 small miracles. Mea had a long delivery, and the big pups made the birth hard for her. We are so happy for the 4 wonders. So perfectly cute! And the adorable puppy sounds from the puppy pen. LOVE!

We also think it’s so fun that we have had over 900 hits so far today in our blog! Thanks! I am completely overwhelmed!

The first days in every puppies life is vulnerable, so we have to see how they develop before we contacting the puppy buyers. And we have to check them for DS (sinus).

Now the pups just sleep and eat with mommy Mea in the puppy pen. Harmony!

Mea has put her sweeties under the blanket for the night! 🙂


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